Body Images of Pornograhic Nature

By Heather Johnson

Calvin Klein PictureCalvin Klein has a reputation for using controversial advertising that critics say suggests pornography in advertisements. Kate Moss and Marky Mark is an example of how Calvin Klein uses body images of women and men that lack taste. The advertisement is unclear of what the designer Calvin Klein is actually selling. It appears the designer is using sex to sell clothing that causes women and men to become obsessed their looks. The underwear ad appears the models are underage, sexual objects, and willing to engage in sex. Both of the models in the picture are very young and look about sixteen that Klein focuses on the guys chest and genital areas that suggests the ad is part of the fetish code.

Her body appears to be attached to Marky Mark as he keeps her safe. She appears to feel safe in his arms because of his muscular build and she is holding on to him. He can protect her Kate Moss, as she looks sick that she is so incredibly thin that appears to be weak. She grips Marky Markís body and she has an insecure expression on her face that is most often used to suggest she is feeble. The body image of Kate is very beautiful and sexy; and she has the bare minimum of clothing on her body. This image appears to be purposely suggestive to pornography as these teenage looking models are only wearing clothing from the waist down. She has half of her breast showing and her arms are very thin as they cover part of her breast. Klein implies her thin legs are spread apart because her body position suggests emphasis on her crouch and genital area. The models appear if they have just engaged in sexual intercourse and have just put on their underwear. Klein focus is on the female and male bodies form as he portrays children as adults.

Fashion Photography uses sexy people to sell a designers clothing that has suggestive pornographic influences. Sex is usually the object in the commercial, advertisement, and in movies. This type of photography usually has negative influences mostly directed toward women. Many women will go to extreme lengths to look this way such as starving themselves. As in this Calvin Klein ad Kate Moss has a very thin look that effectís many women negatively as they want to look a certain way. I feel that Kate Moss has effects women negative because she is so thin and tall that may have helped to increase eating disorders among women. . Her face is sucked in and has signs of malnutrition. She is not beautiful like the image most people have of supermodels and I would say she is too thin. She does not display imagery of beauty but someone who is unhealthy.

Marky Mark facial expressionís and body imageís appear calm and relaxed. He has a confident expression on his face that suggests he is a very good-looking guy and he knows it. Advertisers always seem to depict men being strong and women as weak and helpless. His muscles are sculpted and he has that nice line down his abdomen Marky Mark also looks very young and is depicted to be in his youth. As he wears his pants low and his underwear is showing Advertisers seem to convey interest in in chest and the lower abdominal area. . He appears to be a strong, secure, and sexy as Calvin Klein has constructed him as a sex object. The poses are still unnatural and they suggest sex between the two models looking very young. Marky Mark is not depicted in pornographic as nature as Klein Depicts Kate Moss. Marky Marks physique influences men and causes them to want to be fit and muscular and women want to be thin like Kate Moss. Calvin Klein is just one of the examples that has evidence of pornography in his advertisements. Both body images appear to sell sex more than underwear.

This Calvin Klein Ad is the perfect example of how body images have been printed for years. The body images reveal submissive gender roles for men and determine courage and strength for men. This ad and many other images of print Calvin Klein produce an image of pornographic nature. This image determines youth as erotic by using partial nudity to sell a product by using sex. As a leading fashion designer this demonstrates that Calvin Kleinís tactic is effective for selling negative gender roles of men and women. As Many Advertisements we have viewed before women are suggested to be sexy and weak. However men are always depicted as strong and sexy and, women appear to depend on them. This Calvin Klein image suggests gender differences are everywhere in our culture through fashion and advertising.

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