Women In The Workforce

We, the members of Group Three (Deborah Cremeans, BobbiDawn Legrand, Debra McCarter, Jilda Leigh Sharp, and Candy Trull) welcome you to our group representation "Women In The Workforce". From the factories to the war-torn front, in print and on film, women have excelled in the workforce -- overcoming incredible odds, discrimination, deplorable work conditions, and stereotypical notions of what is feminine.  Women have historically been portrayed in print as a fragile, frail creatures, or a "tough as nails" women.  We'd like to present, for your edification, a select group of women that played a major role that has been woven into the fabric that is America.

The theme "Women in the Workplace" covers an extremely large, diverse group of people.  From the first physician to the latest movie star, we had a difficult time narrowing the scope of the project.  In that vein, we'd like to offer a small sample of the women we felt best represented the major roles women have played throughout history.  From airplane pilots to businesswomen, the group is diverse, yet interesting.  The women were chosen because they each had a major impact on their career field.

The women selected for this project are an ecclectic group. They are each unique in personality, but share a common thread -- each women was a "pioneer" in her chosen field. They stepped from behind the barriers that have normally been placed on women by society and rose to prominence, not only in their chosen field, but also in history. These women made a statement. They were not persuaded by what society thought they ought to be. They were driven by their passion for their chosen fields. They were driven by their hopes and dreams, by their strong will and large doses of determination. Each woman sought the path that they wanted to travel, not the path that society had prescribed for women of their era. Their contributions to society, and history, are incalculable. They paved roads into the workforce that will be traveled by countless generations to come.

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Elizabeth Blackwell 
American Doctor 
Shirley Chisholm
Congressional Representative
1924 -

Amelia Earhart
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Maria Mitchell
American Astronomer 
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Darla Moore
Rainwater, Inc.
1954 - 
Sally_Ride.jpg (18244 bytes)
Sally Ride
1951 - 

Margaret Sanger
Founder and Leader
Birth Control Movement
Sojourner Truth
American Reformer

Harriet Tubman
American Abolitionist
Victoria Woodhull
Stockbroker, Activist
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